A vlog turned short film & YouTube mistakes.


          In case it isn't obvious enough, The Oracle Journal has been on YouTube - a long time ago (in a galaxy far, far away) whereby my sister, Rose, and I decided to jump onto the YouTube bandwagon. Equipped with the mindset of a troll, our naive selves thought making videos is an easy task. As time elapsed, let's just say, i drowned deeper in school assignments while Rose became too busy with her own work. Thus our channel slipped into hibernation, with us updating it "ever so often." I felt my creativity draining away as the amount of workload increased. I finally lost my drive to make videos as a leisure past time. 

One fine day, somewhere and somehow, the veins in my brain got rewired and the fire to make videos returned. Probably because i knew i was graduating soon.. Henceforth, i hereby shamelessly promote my channel and am glad to say i've been keeping up to a regular posting schedule. Do subscribe to my channel, The Oracle Journal for some aesthetically pleasing moving images to unwind and relax!


"Weekly Collective" is a new series created to share my daily mundane life activities, as well as to step up my vlogging and outfit of the week game.

Watch the video below:


Joggers - the epitome of happiness and comfort.


Shirt - Zara

Joggers - Zara

Bag - Marc Jacobs

Shoes - Zalora

Screenshot 2017-06-23 22.56.29.png

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Filmed and edited by Ann-Marie Yang.