The Stars is a photo and film editorial series that illustrates the pro et contra of dreams.

Featured in Obscurae Magazine.

              It is as important to dream, as it is to face the reality. Most of the time, we are propelled by our dreams in reality to work and strive harder in hopes of achieving our goals.

The Stars is a symbolic portrayal of one’s shattered dreams, fears, insecurities and inability to face the harsh reality of life. With the lighting of the lamp, it marks the beginning of the character’s 

resolution to chase her dream. In this modern era where the younger you are, the more advantageous it is to you, the characters gets swallowed by her insecurities of her age as she finds herself left behind while the rest of the lot have attained their goals. 

Time passes by too quickly, as represented through symbolic elements like the metronome, hourglass, and ticking of clock. 

In a desperate attempt to achieve happiness, she denies pain while pretending that everything is fine. Understandably, the euphoria did not last as she plummets through a downward spiral of depression. 

Time rewinds in the end, but is it real?


film ANN-MARIE YANG creative direction ANN-MARIE YANG, ROSEMARIE YANG photography ROSEMARIE YANG hair and makeup WONG YING CUI styling and set design ANN-MARIE YANG model SHAUNA BENNETT agency MANNEQUIN music ANN-MARIE YANG


What are your dreams and fears?