Layering in a warm, humid climate can be tricky at times.


          Layering might be considered as one of (every person living in a warm and humid country)'s greatest nemesis. More often than not, we find ourselves graced by the adjacent bubbles of fellow beings from a cold climate. Being able to dawn pretty coats or clothes of thicker materials and casually walk down the street without looking like you've accidentally apparated into a sauna (and locked in) along the way. Too many a time do i find 

myself completely lost at sea when i come across someone wearing thick heavy sweaters under the scorching heat, with an outward flexure of confidence. You see, Singapore has two weathers: indoor and outdoor. Outdoor being the unbearable waves of heat pulsating through your flesh. Alas, the jet of cold air that sweeps through as it leaves you momentarily shivering, a.k.a indoor. That's one way to lower your immunity and fall sick. It is probably

obvious that i like layering. But to do it in a tropical climate requires some tweaking here and there. This might come of as a no brainer but i cannot stop stressing on the importance of choosing lightweight materials, materials that are permeable and allow your skin to breathe. Unless you would like to have a deep in your bones summer experience. By all means, busk in the blazing heat with a full winter trench on. Even a thick velvet dress seems fine.


Watch the video here.



Camisole - Zara

Jeans - Levi's

Blouse - Zara

Slide Sandals - Charles and Keith


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Photography by Rosemarie Yang.