Classic red lips paired with subtle red eyes; An impromptu creation while testing the lights. 

Life updates 2.0.


               Pardon me for the semi-hiatus in the month of February as i have been drowning in the pool of final year projects while being depressed over the fact it is only going to get so much more intense from here. Not to mention, i am still brooding over the changes in my music journey. Geez, i am definitely going to miss my teacher. She has taught me so much. It was through her that i found the long lost motivation to continue and persevere. It is a shame how easily one can abuse and take things for granted. 

Nonetheless, i am still grateful to god for all the experiences and life lessons. 

I got the opportunity to learn the ropes and meet new people while helping my sister with her photography works. 

I got the sudden inspiration to experiment with my long forgotten red lipstick while being my sister's assistant when she tested her lights. It resulted in the birth of this 

impromptu beauty series. I applied a light burgundy shade on the outer corner of my eyes. With the remaining pigments on the brush, i slightly extended the colour down to the bottom lash line. Finish the look with a red lipstick and you can snap a couple of photos with your look before proceeding to remove it and head straight for bed. I have to admit that this look was largely inspired by the Korean beauty scene. 


Photography by Rosemarie Yang