Toxic Alert!

Toxicity exists everywhere.

A first hand encounter with toxic environments and relationships.

And, SS17 fashion trends.

            School's out. The long awaited break has finally arrived just in time for summer. (Not that i am a big fan of busking under the sun in skimpy two pieces nor the overactive sweat glands and sticky foul smelling hair.) The humidity in Singapore is overwhelming and it drives one insane. Yikes.

(Before i proceed with my stretch of a segue, feel free to skip my lament as you wish. The portion dedicated to fashion comes after the photo beneath.)

This summer is a season for self-reflection and recuperation from the emotional turmoil caused by toxicity. At least in my case. Unfortunately, toxic people are ubiquitous. Just like a photo of a quote that i once saw on social media, toxic people are controlling of people whom they find (found) advantageous to themselves. Once you are free from their clutches, they resort to controlling the ways others perceive you. What seems to be an innocuous remark or act may in fact encompass several layers of hidden meanings. Words that are so skilfully phrased, which one who is unaware of the happenings might brush you off as "being sensitive" or "dramatic". 

The past few months of school has been an emotional rollercoaster ride. From listening to stories of bullying to personally encountering one. Wedged in an environment of toxicity and multiple faces, one cannot help but feel trapped. 

Though it was an ephemeral passage of time, days felt like years. The abject pleas from suffocation gets muffled out by the toxic person's victorious triumph when she fooled everyone into thinking you are the bully. Any words from you shall be condemned to be a tenuous argument. 

Family is paramount in shielding from the swords of toxicity. They help to free you from self-imposed cocoons while maintaining your sanity. Perhaps, the arcane advice from friends should have struck me earlier. 

Since then, my inherent distrust for strangers deepens.

Every now and then, it is essential to take time and reflect on ourselves. Action might speak louder than words. 

But the tongue can no man tame.

The human tongue is a dangerous tool, for it holds the ability to make or break one's mental being. Oftentimes, words that comes sliding out of our mouths have yet to be processed by our brains. 

Think before you speak. Think.

Will it cause harm to the person? Will it be detrimental?


Puzzling as it seems, a toxic being enjoys riding on one's misery. Words sharpened like daggers. Hidden agendas disguised by the ambiguous warmth and kindness that they radiate. 

And if you can't tell apart the ambiguity, you might have been doomed to the fate of a minion. 

Just saying.

Kindness and compassion are rare gems these days. You help because you want to alleviate their struggles and it is definitely not for superficial reasons. Don't help because you feel compelled to do it. Help like you truly mean it. Be a vegan because you want to put an end to the on going sufferings, even if your part is unnoticeable. Don't be one with the expectation of a weight loss or hipster trend. Befriend somehow who you truly admire or click with, don't go around forging pretentious relations just because they come in handy at some point. 

While i tried not to lose sight of hope, the importance of family and real friends struck me. This might come off as cheesy but cherish them. In truth, dubious people exists everywhere. Learn from experiences and  My stubborn self still believes that humanity exists.

Oh, and be humble. 


Dior Sunglasses

Zara Satin & Chiffon Blouse

Zara Wide Leg Pants

Charles & Keith Slides

Vivienne Westwood Shoulder Bag


In truth, this series was shot awhile back but am unable to publish due to my schedule. The connotation that fashion comes in a circle rings true. Ruffles are back this season and the much detest wide leg bottoms have managed to make it's resurrection.

With the latter being my favourite, due to their comfortability and freedom to bend, squat, sit, or whatever. Slides have been around for awhile now. They have been in trend since the day Gucci released their signature slip ons - but you know the ones i wore are not because your girl can't bear to wear a pair of $900 shoes on soiled floors.

And being clumsy.

And my feeble attempt at minimising the use of leather. (not counting the ones bought in the past) 

What is your favourite SS17 trend?


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Photography by Rosemarie Yang