Cursed with beauty, doomed into the abyss of jealousy and lust.

The tragedy of a misrepresented woman.


               Graced with alabaster skin, rosy cheeks and a wild mane of hair that cannot be tamed. Her hair charmed onlookers, her eyes inspired love, gentleness, kindness and jealousy.

A curse in disguise.

She who is beautiful yet frightening, shocking yet enchanting. Medusa - a priestess in the temple of goddess Athena - devoted to a life of celibacy. A jealousy engulfed Athena decided to place a cruel punishment on Medusa, all for attracting the lusty god of the sea with her looks. 

Cursed with a headful of snakes, anything that met her eyes instantly solidified into stone. The world saw her with fear and disgust. Even Medusa could not come to terms with herself. 

Unable to be accepted, she fled.


In this series, Medusa is portrayed travelling through wilderness - a path unexplored by the rest. She avoids the commoners for fear of stunning them into stone. The constant yearn for company. She looks forward to the day when a brave soul ventures willingly into her path.


A film by Ann-Marie Yang
Creative Direction by Anya Likhitha, Wong Ying Cui
Photography by
Anya Likhitha
Voiceover by Elizabeth Samosir
Modeled by Olga Zinoveva (looque)
Hair by Sha Shamsi
Makeup by Wong Ying Cui
Styling by Coco Mercy