The Lasalle Show 2017

A Sunday well spent with family & friends.

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          Graduate into unemployment. That is a familiar term coined by students who are or have graduated from school.

"The day you leave school is the day you are officially jobless." 

Thank god i do not have to face the turmoil. No, not yet. Not for a couple more years to come. *Fingers crossed*

(To put it nicely) The Lasalle Show is an annual exhibition held by the school in hopes of  

displaying their students' greatest works to  invited industry professionals.

The penultimate chapter of graduation.

One living in dystopia might even mistake it for the Cannes awards as they endeavour to be recognised as the ace. 

From the impudent removal of fellow peer's work (just because you have a thing against them) to the uncouth cyber abuse masked by self-deprecating humour and false camaraderie. 


Every primitive behaviour possible. 

Ain't it a shame the industry professionals are not invited to these unruly demeanour too? 

The show held for a period of 2 weeks but my schedule only allowed me to bring a couple of friends near the closing date. 

Regardless, it was a Sunday well spent with real friends and family. 

View the few images from the show below:


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Photography by Rosemarie Yang.