(AD) A little weekend adventure with the Pråper backpack.


          Art's schools are for weirdos, people who never conform to societal expectations, poor souls who suffer terrible grades in mainstream schools, so on and so forth. Trust me, i've heard these words too many times. Artists are usually condemned to the fate of being irrelevant to socio economic gains. The Asians strongly believe success is shaped by education. Yet after being equipped with indispensable knowledge and skills, the only definition of success that exists in their dictionary is either being a doctor or a lawyer. You have pretty much failed in life if you don't put your head in the game of the rat race. Maybe this might account to the ever growing number of losers putting out an Oscar approved show to their elderly parents, in hopes of getting their own kids a grandparent scholarship to Ivy League. Oh and that's how the seniors win their one way ticket to an old folks home or be shoved aside like they never existed. 

Imagine a world without art. How mundane would it be! Without art, the luxury brands that you covet wouldn't even exist. Instagram will be missing from the world of social media. By the way, Instagram was created for photographers or artists to showcase their works. Overtime, it's original intention got diluted with the influx of poorly composed photographs and selfies. And due to Instagram not existing without art, you will be leading a life in insolation as you are unable to show off your flashy lifestyle and superficiality.


Speaking of isolation, i've been wondering how will it turn out to be crashing straight into the second year of a new course. This might just be one of my greatest woes. Thankfully, i'm able to clear my mind after receiving a collaboration invitation from Gaston Luga. How pleasant! A backpack just in time for school. 


The Gaston Luga backpack is well suited for those who crave adventure. You can fit your 15 inch laptop easily into the bag. 


Remember to key in the code "annmarie15" to get a 15% off when purchasing from !

 Not forgetting about their free shipping + 20% off tax rebate (from non-EU country).

Outfit DeTAILS:

Sweater - H&M

Denim Shorts - Zara

Watch - Philip Stein

Bag - Gaston Luga

Trainers - Nike



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Photography by Rosemarie Yang.