One is a founder of a renowned fashion company while the other was the star of hollywood's golden era.

The puzzling case of feminism.

                Once upon a macho time, women faced discriminations, stigmas and oppressions by which the excessive subservience to male counterparts was a social norm. Not to mention the ongoing bizarre shame culture in the east; boys are better than girls and women will bring nothing but shame to the family. Fast forward the years, women gradually saw their worth and stopped conforming to the power hungry male chauvinists pigs as the gruelling battle for gender equality began.

The misconception of feminists - women who fought hard for the privilege that we take for granted - is indeed a puzzling dilemma that is detrimental to all of us, women. There is a vast difference in being a feminist and 1) being a lesbian, 2) manifesting the hatred for men and families, 3) being angry all the time, et cetera and et cetera. (This is undoubtably a subject i can speak about at length.) Above it all, NOT all feminists are female.

Here is a short list of males who are feminist: probably your favourite Harry Potter guy - Daniel Radcliffe, Ryan Gosling, Daniel Craig, a.k.a James Bond and the ever so good looking Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

Photo and illustration by yours truly. 

Photo and illustration by yours truly. 

Unsurprisingly, (after liberating women from corsets) Chanel's ever so popular signature tweed suit was designed for comfort and practicality. Simplicity is indeed the keynote of all true elegance. Time and again, fashion recycles itself. Just like the way Chanel's timeless style transcends time and continues to influence the minds of fellow females. 

           If it was not for Coco Chanel, we will not be chilling in our comfy pants today. It was Chanel who ditched the restrictive corsets and skirts that suppressed the freedom of women. Not only did she set a new milestone in the history of fashion, her style also exudes elegance, originality and confidence. Truth to be told, Chanel is one of the only brands that continues to keep up with its virtues of elegance while leaving out the overly racy designs. In fact, it can still be seen in the brand's designs decades after Coco Chanel's passing.  

In another vein, it would absolutely be considered an act of insolence if we were to leave out her influential nuggets of wisdom:

A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.

There is nothing more lamentable then to be denied your dreams simply because of being a girl. You see, women are repeatedly hammered to fit into the moulds of social norms. Even now, there still exist this (not quite) gentle oppression that demands women to relinquish control. Rather, we should be who we are, not who the world wants us to be, simply because we have every damn right.

           Whenever it comes to drawing portraits, my mind strangely thinks of Audrey Hepburn, the star of hollywood's golden era. Perhaps it has something to do with her beauty.

Or acting.

Or brains.

Relatively, Audrey always possessed a mysterious aura. The substance made up of class and grace. Not to mention the uncanny resemblance in style that she shared with Coco. That is including the way they carry themselves.

Fashion aside, with her jillion humanitarian efforts, she was appointed a Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF.

That is the essence of feminism. To help and empower others. To have everyone treated with equal value. To encompass compassion.

Oftentimes we come across self-proclaimed feminists who conversely proceeds to launch their unrelenting backstabs on fellow female counterparts. To make worse, there exists a never ending justification of gender oppression (it is almost impossible to make a dent in their conviction - women who actually believes men should have a leverage over women) shine light on the crack that has long existed since the battle for equality began. A nuance in the way we perceive can bring about an adverse difference. Until then, education is the best tool in spreading the message of feminism. Let us have each other's back and learn to start living in harmony. 

Photo and artwork by yours truly.

Photo and artwork by yours truly.