The Buffet Outfit

Don't be shy, everybody has it. Especially after eating truck loads of food.

              Here is a light hearted outfit post after the previous one which was slightly long and depressing as I recount my traumatising experience in school. Read it here if you find yourself confused. 

To many, this might be a sensitive topic as one might feel a certain way towards their own body. But hey, a food belly is almost unavoidable so do not be ashamed!

Let's say that you are heading somewhere fancy for a meal or you are going on a date, however, you know

that the meal is going to be massive or you have the tendency to bloat as you eat, you begin cracking your brain and ransacking your wardrobe to find a perfect fashionable yet fat / food baby friendly outfit.

Let me get this straight though.

There's a difference between feeling full and feeling bloated. Not to mention the extensive difference between fats and bloat. Figure that out first before you go on a journey of self-hate. 

Speaking of which, i actually made a healthy vegan What I Eat In A Day video on my YouTube channel. It is suitable for those attempting to eat clean or go on a healthier diet. ( I wouldn't dare say it's for those looking to have an instant weight loss though.)

Through my humbling experience, i am going to share with you my tips on what to wear to make your food baby less visible!

1) Flowy Tops and Dresses / Straight Cut Silhouettes

Don't go for something too short that it hinders your mobility. Specifically dresses. Especially when it is a buffet and you have to bend up and down for a plate. Be considerate and don't let people lose their appetite by witnessing your accidental exposures.

2) Outerwear

Jackets are my best friend. Be it a coat or an unbuttoned blouse worn as an outerwear. They are great at covering up. 

3) Darker hues

The darker the better. It wouldn't even matter if you were to spill food or drinks as it will not be visible. 

4) Patterns

Avoid patterns that draws attention to your pooch area. Especially horizontal lines!

5) Low Waist Bottoms

High waist bottoms will be too obvious. Duh. 


Of course, these fashion tips are for people who are uncomfortable with showing others their full stomach. You don't have to attune yourself to fit in if you are confident enough. Do your thing girl!


Outerwear - H&M

Dress - UNIQLO



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Photography by Rosemarie Yang