Eyes are windows to the soul.

My eyes pretty much explain my feelings for school.

              I may be obsessed with playing dress up but whenever it comes to school, my ensemble is either constructed of plain t-shirts, shorts or the good o' comfy joggers. I know, Karl Lagerfeld would probably argue that "sweatpants are a sign of defeat." My go to school outfits are largely inspired by banana in pyjamas or a hobo. Once in a blue moon, you can spot me sashaying my way to school because those are probably the handful of times i manage to beat my laziness and pull myself together. Normal women T-shirts are usually too short for me. Thankfully,  i

managed to find these oversized semi-turtle neck shirts at a Zara sale (a few seasons ago) that came in the colours white, dark green and grey. Of course, i had to get them all. The dark green shirt was paired with a black high waisted shorts: one of my school staple, due to it not being overwhelmingly short that it starts attracting creeps and perverts. Oh well, what a world we live in. To complete the look, i threw on my favourite black trainers and a backpack. 


Shirt - ZarA

Shorts - TEMT

Trainers - pedro

Bag - Marc by marc jacobs

Photography by Rosemarie Yang