It is time that we all perceive gender on a spectrum not as two opposing sets of ideals.
— Emma Watson for UNWOMEN


It seems like aeons ago since the fight for equality kicked off. Along the years, campaigns have emerged in hope of educating the masses about the importance of gender equality; people with considerable amount of followers have hopped onto the bandwagon by endorsing the formal. Yet, it is quite daunting to know that the quotidian challenges and disappointments a woman struggles to face remains unchanged. More often than not, women are being frowned on, their self-worth dwindles to nothing more than a sexualised

object. Too many a time are women being passed off as weak, mindless submissive creatures. This is especially so in the creative industry that is largely made up of male chauvinists pigs. "You don't look like the kind to be in this field", "Why are you here", "Are you sure about this", are a couple of frequently asked questions. This never ending doubt remains unchanged even after you have done well to prove them wrong. They would rather go the extra mile to hammer in their ludicrous beliefs into you in hope that you will be their

subject of ridicule. Howbeit the aforementioned, nothing stings more than getting stabbed in the back by a fellow female comrade whose supposed to be having your back. Just like the good old saying, girls compete with each other whereas women empower each other. The fight for equality is going to advance only when we learn to stand by each other. 


Velvet Choker - Asos

Dress - Zara

Boat Neck Top - Dorothy Perkins

Watch - Philip Stein

Top Handle Bag - Gucci


Photography by Rosemarie Yang.