Pink is often misrepresented and shoved under stereotypical classifications. 

Growing up as a kid, i have always considered pink to be a sacred colour. The bedroom was painted a cute bubblegum pink, the wallpapers were filled with intricate pink flowers and the wardrobe was mostly stuffed with pink pieces. Whenever the opportunity to pick a colour arrived, my sister and i would always dive straight for the pink one. Our personality and way of thinking evolves as time passes. Unknowingly, we begin avoiding the colour that we once loved dearly. Especially in this chaotic world of grown-ups, pink is often dismissed as girly, feminine, etc. 

Truth to be told, colours actually mean so much more than the common shallow stereotypical classifications. They hold a myriad of meanings. Besides, it is nearly impossible decode them all as they hold different meanings to different people. Pink is adopted as a colour to represent the international fight against breast cancer. Apart from that, it also symbolises innocence. What really entices me about it is the calming effects it brings about. Not only is it pleasant to one's eyes, it is also the universal colour of peace - to love oneself and to love others. Preach. 


Top, Choker & Outerwear: Zara

Shorts: TEMT

Shoes: Pedro

Photography by Rosemarie Yang.