The euphoria you get after accomplishing a good deed is one of the best things in life. My body tends to go into an auto-pilot mode whenever i come across a situation that needs my help. From helping elderlies who are selling packets of tissue paper on the streets to donating to aid in the rescue of street animals, just the idea of being able to help alone brings me great joy. Perhaps it is due to my upbringing and the influence of my loving mom. One of my favourite Mother Teresa quote goes by "It's not

how much we give but how much love we put into giving." With the mass destructions caused by human commotions today, many in the world have fallen to a state where they are in desperate need for help. From refugees to stray animals, it is time to get up and start giving. Sincerely, of course. 


Blouse: Zara

Slip Dress: Zara

Choker: Lovisa

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Photography by Rosemarie Yang.